Call in an expert

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‘We cannot tolerate more attacks on our cultural heritage.’ So said a despairing official from Spain’s art conservation association, following yet another botched attempt by an amateur to restore a work of art. The arts and craft teacher called in to restore the 16thcentury wooden sculpture of St George had done their best, but the finished result was a world away … Read More

Too good to be true

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They say that if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.  But that didn’t stop hundreds of people in Florida paying almost a hundred dollars a time to purchase ‘golden tickets to heaven’ from Tito and Amanda Watts.  Tito assured prospective buyers that the tickets were made from solid gold and guaranteed a spot in heaven; … Read More

Nearer home than you might imagine

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The incredible true story is told of a woman who was put up for adoption as a baby, and then spent years in later life trying to trace her father without success.  Eventually she gave up and then moved house only to discover that her new next-door neighbour was, in fact, her half-sister!  After all those years of searching it … Read More

That sinking feeling

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Given Russia’s recent Communist past I suppose that it’s entirely possible that the planners behind one of the stadiums hosting World Cup matches in 2018, were unaware of a parable Jesus told about not building on sand. At a cost of €260m the Kaliningrad Stadium was built in the middle of the city on one of the country’s last great wetlands.  … Read More

Not what we expected

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We sometimes begin a journey quite sure of our destination, only to have something throw us off course and lead us in a completely different direction.  Take Dorothy for example who set off home only to be caught up in a tornado and whisked away to the Land of Oz and a bizarre adventure involving a Scarecrow, a Tin Man … Read More

The legacy of last words

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The last words we say can leave a lasting legacy for those who follow.  In Stephen Spielberg’s famous film ‘Saving Private Ryan’, Captain John Miller sacrifices his own life to rescue Private James Ryan, and with his last words tells him ‘Earn this … earn it!’  The legacy those words leave are a haunting doubt that stay with Ryan for … Read More

Turn The Page Live at Caffè Nero

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Turn The Page Live at Caffè Nero Last night (Thursday 7thJune) some 60 people gathered at Caffè Nero in Haywards Heath for an evening of music and stories ‘to help you discover why you were born’.   We had a great time with wonderful music provided by a local band ‘MaDLiNG’, and the staff at Caffè Nero could not have … Read More

The Great Veggie Heist

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It turns out that we’re really not as good as we think we are.  Ask most people if they think that they’re a ‘good person’ and the majority are likely to say yes.  But dig a little deeper and a different picture emerges.   Tasked with helping supermarkets reduce shoplifting, criminologist Emmeline Taylor discovered that there had been a huge … Read More

Spiderman of the 18th

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Now dubbed the ‘Spiderman of the 18th’ Mamoudou Gassama was a passer-by when he noticed from a 4thfloor Paris balcony a child dangling by his fingertips, poised to drop to the ground at any moment.  Without thinking Mamoudou ran across the street and in seconds had climbed the outside of the building and rescued the boy, to the astonishment of … Read More