Moved to tears

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In the 2018 semi-final of the BBC series Masterchef, one of the judges, John Torode, was moved to tears over the apple crumble produced by contestant David Crichton.  Welling up Torode waxed lyrical about the pudding saying it was ‘Fabulous, fantastic and faultless.  Like honestly, it makes me well up – that is sensational.That’s what this competition is about where … Read More

Health and Safety

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In a move that rather took students by surprise the authorities at Pennsylvania State University decreed that the 98-year old Outing Club, which organised outdoor activities for students, was to be disbanded on health and safety grounds.  The club offered students the opportunity to go hiking, running and backpacking, all of which were now considered too dangerous.  In response and … Read More

Breaking through barriers

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Lost in the crowds at yesterday’s London Marathon was one Kathrine Switzer.  Unnoticed today that wasn’t the case when she ran the Boston Marathon in 1967.  At the time it was assumed that women were physically incapable of running such a distance.  But Kathrine changed all that.  Realising that the rules of the race didn’t actually prohibit women from running, … Read More

Who moved the stone?

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There’s no real doubt that Jesus lived 2.000 years ago – even celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins is happy to concede as much.  So, the question is not so much ‘Did Jesus live?’ but rather, ‘Is He alive?’, and there Dawkins and many others answer with an emphatic ‘No’.  Whatever else Jesus may have been he wasn’t divine, and he didn’t … Read More

First on the scene

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Elected to office on 26th August 1978 Pope John Paul I suffered a heart-attack and died just 33 days later. It was initially reported by the Vatican that his body had been found by his male secretaries Lorenzi and Magee, but in truth it was two nuns, Sister Margherita and Sister Vincenza who found him. Why the Vatican was so … Read More

Table Manners

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Growing up in Sussex I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle’s house.  My aunt liked to think she was quite posh and never missed an opportunity to teach us good table manners.  For example, she impressed upon us that in polite society potatoes should always be served on the right-hand side of a plate.  To this … Read More

Fearless thieves?

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During a rather misspent childhood I have to confess to a period of my life when I regularly stole things that were not mine, sometimes from friends and sometimes from local shops near my boarding school.  Fortunately for everyone my journey to faith and the sharpened conscience that resulted put an end to my days of stealing – not to … Read More

Taking a Break!

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Turn The Page is taking a short break this week, but I’ll back with a new story next Monday 9th April.  Hope you have a great week!