In or Out?

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With the EU referendum in the UK now well underway, those of us with a vote are being asked to decide whether or not we would be better off remaining as members of the European Union, or whether we should leave. Every day we are being bombarded with information and opinion all trying to persuade that we would be ‘better … Read More

Taking a Break

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Turn The Page is taking a two week break from today but I’ll be back with a new story on Friday 29th April. You are now one of about 150 people who have dowloaded the app and are listening to the stories, and I hope that you are enjoying them and finding them helpful.  If you are then please spread … Read More

Make the big change

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My family and I are not exactly enthusiastic campers. In fact we only tolerate the experience for one week a year in order to attend a big summer festival. Each year we add a new piece of equipment in the hope that next year life might be a little more comfortable – usually because we’ve seen what other people have … Read More

Still Celebrating?

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If your home is anything like ours then the physical evidence of your Easter celebrations may well have disappeared. The mountain of eggs that appeared on the breakfast table that morning has been consumed, and the packaging discarded or recycled. We may have enjoyed time with family and friends and extra holiday days that gave us time to relax. But … Read More

Long live the King?

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Although his death on the 16th August 1977 was well documented, there was sufficient mystery around the exact circumstances to spawn the belief that somehow he might not be dead; so much so that on the 1st April 1989 the Elvis Sighting Society was founded to collect stories from those who insisted that the King of Rock and Roll was … Read More

Wish Fulfilment?

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There are times in our lives when we would do almost anything to see someone or something come back to life. For example a couple of years ago my daughter dropped her brand new iPhone down the toilet. At the time she was at a concert in London and although she fished it straight out of the water, it was … Read More