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“Simon’s stories give a refreshing perspective on faith and life; and they are always more than food-for-thought.”
  • J.John
  • J. John

    Author and international speaker

“Simon’s writing is entertaining and inspiring. An excellent lift at the moments you need them. Highly recommended!”
  • Paul Kerensa
  • Paul Karensa

    Script writer for BBC’s Miranda, Not Going Out and The Kennedys and contributor to Pause for Thought on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show

Page Turners

A collection of testimonies to inspire and encourage you in your walk with God.
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Who are we?

Augustine of Hippo, a 4th century bishop, once famously wrote, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you, O God.” He wrote from his own personal experience: as a young man he longed to find meaning and purpose in his life, constantly dogged by the thought that ‘there must be more to life than this.’ His search for an answer led him to explore many of the religious systems and philosophies of his day, as well as seeking happiness in relationships. None brought him the peace and purpose in life for which he was searching. Eventually he discovered that in the Christian faith there was a message of forgiveness, reconciliation and the certainty of a personal relationship with God, which finally satisfied the longing of his heart. Having turned this page in his life he never looked back.

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Why not host a ‘Turn the Page Live’ event for your family or friends? This could be in the context of a breakfast, afternoon tea party or an evening dinner. Simon will tell a selection of stories and answer questions. Please contact us for further details or to make a booking.